Scatter Joy Vintage Opens...

Hello and welcome to Scatter*Joy*Vintage's blog. Please forgive us as we get settled into our new routine, we're not used to writing about ourselves!

So, how about a story?

Once upon a time a mother sent her daughter to a nice college (excuse me, a very nice college). While there, her daughter was given the opportunity to travel to Greece for two weeks in order to better understand the foundations of education. Her daughter being an elementary education major, this seemed too wonderful to ignore and the mother agreed to send the daughter on her adventure. But how to pay for the plane tickets?

The daughter suggested selling her kidneys, which at the time, seemed to be as feasible as growing a money tree in the backyard. However, the mother was more practical and took the opportunity to put her love of vintage fabrics and her sewing skills to the test. And so, Scatter*Joy*Vintage was born (asterisks' and all) making beautiful vintage chenille purses available to all.

True story folks.

Beth, also known as Mom, is the creator of the pretty purses you'll soon be seeing in her shop on (her site can be found in the full profile). After discovering her love of chenille fabrics (eBay feeds addictions), Mom has devoted the majority of her sewing room to her auction winnings and treasure finds and is now putting them to use in her purses.

Jaina, also known as the kid, is a junior in college and is, unfortunately, the one making her mother go through all the trouble of sewing and selling these pretty purses. She's also in charge of anything computer oriented, since Mom insists she has no idea how to make this stuff work. She hopes to be a Kindergarten teacher one day and is grateful to her mom for putting so much work into all of this.

Both Beth and Jaina will update this blog when there appears to be something worthwhile to mention. Possibly craft show dates for those who live in the area or new purses available on At the moment there are no purses listed in Beth's shop, but that's because she is focusing on her first craft show coming up soon. In the next few days, when Jaina isn't in class at the really nice college, she may upload a few photos of the purses Beth has already made for family and friends so you can all see how lovely they are.

So please, keep an eye out for the pretties and we'll be sure to let you know when they're available.


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