Heart Break...

I'm so very sad. I'm heart-broken and sick with grief. This morning, without any warning, our sweet and funny Paisley died.

While I was getting ready for work, I stopped to close a window and played a quick game of peek-a-boo with Paisley as she was sitting outside on the deck.

All seemed well. Less than a minute later, she began howling like she was caught under something. I ran out and she was laying on the ground still howling...and then she was gone. I quickly called the vet while I threw on some clothes, snatched her up and sped to the clinic. I knew it was already too late. There was nothing they could do for her. It's hard to determine what happened. They checked for snake-bite (no signs), considered poisoning (not likely, happened too quick), maybe a broken neck ( there are only 2 steps she could've fallen from), or maybe a heart problem.

It might have been her heart. We were just at the vet's for a check up and doctor didn't notice anything but Baby Puppy was a genetic mess: her parents were brother and sister, she had an extra toe and quite an underbite and I thought her spine felt a little more bony and prominent than other dogs I've had. But she was so healthy and active! I never expected this to happen. My poor baby was only 15 months old! We were making plans to travel Sunday to maybe bring home a Husky puppy to join our family. We thought they could grow up together. Now...

I feel I let her down. I should have brought her inside when the thought had first crossed my mind. That maybe if I had tried CPR. I don't know. I should have done something...

But I love you, Paisley.
You made me smile every day.