I See a New Machine in your Future

So, sewing machines are the devil. Last night was a particular challenge seeing as Mom's lame machine decided to take a cigarette break right in the middle of her working on a purse. It started seizing up and no matter how long she pushed the foot pedal, the needle wouldn't go up or down. Just made a terrible "whirr-not-going-to-work-for-you-stop-pushing-the-pedal-whirr"sound. She had to wait until Dad got home to figure out how to pull the thing apart and oil it.

It ended up turning into a project, so she wasn't able to work much more on the purse she was sewing, but Dad started putting it back together when he got home from work today. Which of course, lead to the usual, two or three screws that had to come from somewhere, you just can't seem to find it now that you're trying to put it back together.

The most ridiculous part, is that when she pulled it apart, there really wasn't anything to clean out. It would have made some sense that it decided to stop working because it was being choked up by chenille bits, but it wasn't. Just decided it was done.


So now it appears to be working again so Mom can continue toiling over these purses. I think she's completed three purses this weekend/week, though don't quote me on that. They're looking really good and I'm excited to see people's reactions, I'm not sure if I'll be there for the craft show, since I work every weekend, but I know they'll do well.

The way I see it, either she'll be surrounded by fellow crafty people and they'll understand how talented she is with these purses or she'll be surrounded by not-crafty people who sell those ridiculous marshmallow shooters, in which case anyone there will still see her talents and want to buy her purses anyway. Her purses are fabulous and everyone is going to want one.

I don't know how to make her feel better about it, but I understand why she's nervous. I feel the same way when I show anyone a story I've written or a film I've made. Nothing was more frightening then watching my Dad read a story I had written and it wasn't even an original work-- it was a fanfiction...

So I get it. But I still wish I could reassure her.

Well, I've got some other things to do, until then-- keep a lookout for more updates!


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