Bake sale...

Last weekend Paws and More held a couple of bake sales to benefit the fuzzy friends at the shelter. Jaina and I whipped up a batch each of all the flavors of Bark-tique cookies.

We had lots of work to do and we made a huge mess!

(un)Fortunately we had plenty of help.

er...Maybe TOO much help, in fact. But it was important that everything be "Paisley approved".

They looked so cute when we got them all wrapped and tagged!

We also finished taking new pictures of the cookies we were missing in our Paisley's Pals Etsy shop.

I'm not sure how the bake sales turned out but when we stopped by on Saturday, over half our cookie bags had been sold! I'm hoping our "Bounce Back" discount brings new sales at the shop. I'd really like to help out this wonderful no-kill shelter! The people are so caring and genuinely want these critters to have loving forever homes. I can't imagine life without our little fuzzy rat-face.( Well, I can and I'm sure David does! She sure can be a lot of puppy sometimes...)

Anyway, just doing our part to help out and having some fun in the process!