So it wasn't REALLY over...

So I thought I could take a break after the craft show but not so much. A friend of mine suggested I take my purses out to a new store, Farmer's Daughter, to see if I could get them placed there on consignment. Turns out the owner doesn't do consignment but will purchase items outright for resale. She liked my things and bought 6 purses that day and ordered 10 more PLUS a dozen accessories. And wanted them in a week. The problem with this arrangement is that I'm taking a considerable profit loss to do this. Basically I'm making about $2.50/purse for 4 hrs of work. I decided to complete the new order but I'm not going to be doing any more for her. It's too bad as when I delivered today's order, she seemed to really like the new stuff and even is going to keep one of the little purses I finished.

I am proud of myself for getting all this done in a week! The best I've done before was 15 purses in 2 weeks. The truth be told, I did have more squares pre-cut already so I had more time to "design". It felt good to leave with a nice check for our vacation.

AND the remainder of my things are in my Etsy shop! They look really good. David and Jaina took the pictures for me. Just tonight, 4 new people have "hearted" my shop!! And a couple of them sent convos that were very nice and complimentary. I'm very excited. I'm going to add a few Bitty Bags and Itty Bitty Bags, and probably checkbook covers, eyeglass cases and accessory bags. I like the way the checkbook covers turned out. I'll be making one to keep, I think!

Well, I'm off to buy more fabric. Not much left in the sewing room! And hopefully it'll arrive by the time we get back from Disney World and I can start a new round of insomnia!