Hi, my name is Beth...

and I am a Hoarder. In fact, I'm probably the premier episode of this season's "Hoarders". Honestly, I can't stand my studio like this. It makes me nuts. I can't find anything and when I do, what I want is always on the bottom of a pile...

or that pile...

or this pile.

Why all this craziness? Well, Saturday I'm participating in an Artisan Fair (if you're passing by, stop in at The Ottumwa Bridge View Center 102 Church St. Ottumwa IA) and I've been nutso sewing chick. Over Labor Day weekend I sewed up storm for 56 hrs. I lived on Pepsi and M & M's.

Honestly, I didn't even know there was anything playing on the radio at 2 A.M.

Results? I'm taking with me about 50 chenille purses and a smattering of pillows. Paisley's shop will be selling her signature Puppy Cookies as well.

So why am I baring my soul, showing you my darkest secrets, putting it out there for the whole world to see and snicker at?
It's a reminder:

Creativity is a messy process.


P.S. Thank you my family! If you hadn't slipped food and water under the door, I would have surely died!