She's Baaaaack!

Well, actually she's been back for a week.
We picked her up April 26th from O'Hare.

That morning I was having some serious "mommy pangs". I was VERY brave the entire time she was gone, but just being that close to getting to hug her again brought on the snarfles.

David and I got to the airport early in spite of the 30 minute delay. So we waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally! De plane! De plane!

And then we waited. And waited. And waited. They must have been taxi-ing around the airport on a joy ride. But that gave us time to prepare.

We had made a sign for her just in case she had forgotten what we looked like:
(Never miss an opportunity to embarrass your child by using their childhood nickname.)

Then I got into position. I had to shove a couple of little kids who were waiting for grandma and grandpa out of my way for a good spot. It was worth it:

And I readied my trusty shiny red camera knowing I would get just one chance...and waited. And waited. And waited. Camera clicked off. Turn on, reset, refocus. Wait. Repeat. AND THEN:MY BABY!!

There may have been more shoving of children and old people. I've kinda blanked that part out. I couldn't be brave any longer. Snarfle, snarfle. A few kisses. More snarfles.

I'm so happy she got to travel and see beautiful places:
And meet new friends:

I'm REALLY glad she's home. I missed her.
My international traveler.