Who's the cutest puppy evah??

I'm thinking it's this one...

And who's the most talented, amazing daughter evah??
I'm thinking it's this one...

And who just became a finalist out of nearly 14,000 entries in the Photographer's Forum, Best of College Photography Contest??
I'm thinking it's BOTH of them!

(Er, Fuzzy object in photo is larger it than appears...)

Aren't they the cutest evah??

I love 'em...



Oh, now I get it...

So, for the last couple of weeks I've been missing socks. LOTS of socks. In fact, I have so many missing socks that I can't make a single pair. For a further fact, the socks I'm wearing right now don't match. (TMI??). They're both white but not a matched pair. The other option I had this morning was one white and one white with blue stripes but they were, at least, the same TYPE of sock. Still not sure if I made the right choice.

Let's move forward to this afternoon. I plugged in my new printer/scanner (wheeee!) in order to play with it. And looky what I found behind the couch:

Hmmmmmmm.So I start looking around and next I found this under the piano:


Why are all our socks everywhere??

Get it now?? I get it. I live with a sock thief. A first-degree sock thief. I'm sure a warrant will be issued shortly.

Who ME?? I'm innocent of these false and hurtful accusations. (Hmmmm. I wonder if black socks taste different than white ones...)

The little rat-face...



My Daughter Is FBI...

She's Funny...

She's Beautiful...

She's Intelligent...

and today she was invited to join Mortar Board because she has a 3.38 GPA!! Mortar Board is a college National Honors Society. She's worked so hard since transferring to Cornell.

I'm so proud.




Paisley would like a moment of your time:

TO EVERYBODY: Hippee Nude Deer!!

I think something got lost in translation...