1st Birfday...

So Miss Paisley is one year old. Actually, she was one year old on June 16th but because of work schedules we had to put off the big celebration.

So today, after Jaina and I were off from work, we had the big party. HOOT HOOT *cough*

First Jaina, Paisley and I headed to the bestest place in town...Chuck E. Cheese!! Just kidding. We went to PetSmart so Paisels could pick out her own presents. She decided she wanted a parakeet. A real parakeet. Mommy said no.

After a bit we managed to get her to the toy aisle but still she was looking over her shoulder at the tweeties. Here's what we think she was thinking. "Hmmmmmm, the blue ones probably taste like peppermint, the white ones like vanilla, the green ones...lemon-lime??"
There's just soooooo much to see. How does a puppy choose??
Oooooooo! such a cuuuute monkey! And a girl just can't have too many Bobo's...

And what's this?? It's not really a parakeet but a chicken will do!

The treat aisle was soooooo interesting! But everybody knows you have to dig deep cuz the good stuff is always in the back:

The best part was we made some new friends. Meet Maggie and Jasper. Maggie is very outgoing and had no trouble giving out sweet kisses to people she just met. Jasper, on the other hand, is quiet and reserved. He sat patiently while Mom and Maggie chatted the time away.

We headed home but stopped at the Golden Arches for a little party lunch.

Then Paisley generously shared some of the treats for dessert that she had selected. Well, after she had helped herself first. Guess you gotta make sure they're yummy enough for your guests...

I think the guests had a good time. They must have partied hardy as everyone took a little nap afterwards... including the people guests. Paisley sure knows how to have a good time, right guys??

We had fun with our fuzzy friends today. They add so much to our lives( mostly mud and dog fur!) but I couldn't be without them. If you're thinking about finding a new friend for your life, please remember all the sweet faces in animal shelters that are still waiting for their forever homes. Shelters are the only place where you can buy true love.

Did Paisley have fun? I think she'd say: It's the best birfday she's ever had!!



V A C A T I O N ! ! !

Guess where we're going...

See ya real soon!