It's over! It's over! It's over!

FINALLY! I might be able to breathe again! The sale was yesterday and while it wasn't a big blow-out, it wasn't bad either. Traffic was pretty light but I had some sales. LOTS of compliments on my purses, lots of people taking business cards.Many of the other vendors thought I was priced too low, some customers thought I was too high so I'm thinking I'm probably somewhere near "just right".

David was a big help getting everything there, setting up and tearing down. I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself. We had everything planned perfectly. The purses displayed fabulously and set up was quick. Finally, my obsessive over-planning pays off! It was funny, though, trying to figure out the table display. I was basically unhappy with all the arrangements until David suggested a "stair-step" design. Sounded good. Well, you should of seen all the crap we pulled out of the garage trying to find the right height combinations! We wound up with 2 dirty cinder blocks, a spare leaf from our old table and 4 decking boards David had to tape together. But hey! they worked. Once it was all under the black crushed panne fabric, who knew?? We did decide the cinder blocks will be replaced for the next venue. Too hard to lug in.

Jaina worked like a slave to help me finish up Friday night. We both got to bed around 2AM. Exactly what I DIDN'T want to happen. I like my sleep. And then after the sale, she got right to work on the photos so we can get the rest of the stock up on Etsy. We'll have those done shortly, I think.

So outside of a couple of custom orders, I should be less chained in the sewing room. I can't want to get back to the point where this is fun and I'm not waiting for the sweet release of death.

On a fun-er note: DISNEY WORLD IN 27 DAYS!!
I think I can speak for the entire family when I say we can't wait to get out of Dodge! Even with the enormous crowds during Christmas, if you keep your want-to-do list shorter, there's tons o'fun to be had. It'll definately be a small budget trip this time. (Jaina and I will probably need to share kid's meals to make food budget.)But sometimes the trips you sacrifice for and on are the ones you enjoy the most. Ask us sometime about the Girl Scout Washington D.C. trip. That's the trip that convinced Jaina she and I could do the Amazing Race program, no sweat. We probably could, but I ain't the one eating any bugs...

So now on to cleaning the sewing room. Hope I remember where everything goes...unless I can just leave it all piled on the floor like it is now...