Fuses Are Overrated...

Apparently, if you try to run three lights, an iron, a sewing machine and a space heater on one side of the house-- you'll knock the power out. I'd say Dad has had his fill of the basement and the fusebox considering he's had to wander down there several times in the last few days to bring light back into Mom's sewing room.

It would help if she had carpet on the floor, but since she started her "Send the Kid to Greece" project, it hasn't really happened. Perhaps I should invest in some of those carpet squares we sell at work, maybe it'll help retain heat. Or maybe it'll just annoy the hell out of her, I don't know. I just know, from 18 years of experience living on the second floor of our house, that winter is the less desirable of the seasons to live upstairs during. She seems to be progressing fairly well. Only a few setbacks I'm aware of and the usual motherly perfection that might slow her down. But I suppose I'd rather her care what her products look like, then she just slap a few purses together and call it good. I can't expect any less from her even if I wanted to, she doesn't leave any stone unturned when it comes to these projects. She worries and second-guesses and goes above and beyond the necessary for making these. Plus, she's way more patient then me. I would have lost my mind a long time ago with these things, but at least I admit that I have no talent when it comes to crafty things.

I admit it.

Anyway, as I've said, she appears to be making decent progress, though I'm sure she'll disagree with me. If she ever actually blogs again ;0)

I wish I could come with her to this craft show, but alas-- as always, I'll be working. Typical anymore, since this lovely new college leaves me no free week days to work. So weekends are shot.

I will not miss working at the store. I'm sure I'll continue working, just hopefully not there so I can be more involved if she continues this little business of hers.

Well, time to go eat-- finally. We'll be back later, and hopefully Mom will blog herself this time.


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