I miss the BIG bathroom...

Got home last Sunday. That room at the Bellagio was impressive. I think that may be the first 5-star room I've stayed in. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I should get to like it more often. Yes, I think I shall...

I miss the BIG bathroom. The pretty sink:

The yummy I-could-stay-in-here-forever shower:

The deepest soaking tub ever:

Then the beds*sigh*:

The wardrobe complete with robes and slippers!

The view. I like mountains. We don't have mountains in Iowa...unless you count Mt. Trashmore at the city dump. I don't:

Lori and I ate at several places and everything was so good but my favorites have to be our breakfast food. And I don't even like to eat breakfast! The first morning I had a Berry Crepe with whipped creme and fresh mint. Mmmmmmmm...I could go for that right now:

And the last morning I had an Almond Brioche and a cup of fresh orange juice. Maybe I want this one right now:

We went to Cirque Du Soleil's KA. Amazing. Breath-taking. And just for fun we hit CSI: The Experience. (I got a free T-shirt there!). And some shopping at the Outlet Mall. One night we stayed up until 1:00 A.M...Lori and I live large, you know. Party-girls are we...stop giggling, Jaina.

I had fun but I was glad to see my peeps again. It's nice to have someone to miss you when you're gone...


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