New Haircut(s)...

About two weeks ago we found out our fuzzy boy Yuri needed surgery. Actually 2 surgeries. His parathyroid was causing his calcium levels to be off the chart and because of the increased calcium levels, he also has many, many bladder stones...again. This was very disturbing news. Yuri will be 14 this year. And the surgery was VERY expensive. We had lots of questions...Will he even survive the surgery? How long will it take for him to recuperate? Do we put him through this? How do we pay for it?? Should we even spend this much on a dog? Well, after a lot of family soul searching, we thought it all came down to quality of life and once we substituted the word "friend" for the word "dog", the answer came a little easier...we'd go ahead.

Oh, it was a such scary day. The surgery took a while and we were worried but finally the phone call...He's doing well! Surgery was on a Thursday and the Doctor thought we might be able to bring him home on Sunday afternoon. But there would be a need for daily testing to check his calcium levels. Still, in for a penny, in for a pound. Apparently, he became "vocal" after his surgery. (He IS kind of dramatic. Once our vet was going to draw blood and he howled on and on for 10 mins. The tech came out and said "Just so you know, we're not hurting him. In fact, we haven't even started yet." That's just what Huskies do.) They had to sedate him a bit and he found his "happy place".

Saturday morning the vets called. Yuri could come home already! YAY! (They were probably tired of his howling!) So while the people went to get the Puppy-Boy, others stayed home and waited. And watched.

I was surprised. He looked so good! I expected, well, something less than good. He couldn't wait to get out. Straight out the door; never looked back. And he wasn't exactly thrilled with the "cone of shame". ( No pictures. Too embarrassing.)

But he did have a new haircut...a fuzz-less tummy:

And an even less fuzzy throat. (warning: stitches involved in this one):

He was a little subdued but resting comfortably. Sweet boy:

Oh, life is so good when you're on the mend and feeling better and back with the family who missed you.

Do we love you, Fuzzface ??



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