I'm stiching along...

but I'm still behind. When I saw Amy's post about stitching a square a day, I thought "What a great idea! I should do it!" and then I thought "Gee, I can't do that." I filled up with self-doubt. So I thought on it for a week and decided to just jump in. Jaina thought I should do 48 squares because well, there wasn't enough creative pressure at 39 squares.

I'm calling my sampler Worth A Smile. 48 snippets of things that make me smile. That seems manageable. So here's my first 3 squares...

Smile 1: Heart of my heart- (that's for 22 years of smiles from my favorite daughter)

Smile 2: Nest with 3 pretty blue eggs

Smile 3: A bit of vintage tatting embellished with a few glass beads

I've learned a few things from this project so far...
1. Free spiriting scares me!(I'm paper-trained. I need patterns.)
2. I'm waaaay slower than I thought I would be.
3. My eyesight just ain't what it used to be therefore see #2.
4. These things really do make me smile!
5. I'm having fun!

I'm hoping I can really catch up Friday when I have a half day off from work. And more daylight. I can really use the extra smiles...


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Maija said...

Your nest is so sweet!!!

ScatterJoyVintage said...

Thanks Maija. I'm just happy it didn't wind up looking like a hamburger bun!