New Neighbors...

A couple of years ago we bought this cute little birdhouse. Mostly it was just supposed to be decorative, but we soon had a cute little birdie family move in. Each year since we've always had a family set up house.

This year Daddy Bird has been sitting on the roof looking for a wife. (David and I have had a bit of fun joking about Daddy Bird not being pretty enough for the girls.) We wondered if there was a new nest inside yet. I politely "knocked" on the roof and then took a peek inside. There were several sweet little feathers near the front door. I didn't think the Birdie family would mind if I "borrowed" a couple. Soooooo, I grabbed one and gave it a tug. Next thing I know there's some serious fluttering inside and a fairly angry-looking birdie eyeball staring out at me. It appears those feathers may still have been attached to its previous owner...oops.

And they thought this was a nice neighborhood...


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pollyanns said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and thanks for becoming a follower. It's always fun to find Iowa people on here. Where are you from? Have you been to the shop? Are you coming to The Collector's Eye Show on Sunday in Cedar Rapids? I would love to meet you.
Thanks again - Polly Ann