Dear Santa...

This is Paisley Puppy speaking.

Mom said you would only bring me presents if I've been good so I thought you'd better hear my side of the story. I am good at being a puppy. I am good at naps.

I helped with the Christmas tree. I really thought "trim the tree" meant chomping the branches so they'd be shorter. Most parts of a pine tree ARE edible, you know.
And there was only a little bit of denting on some of the ornaments. Hardly noticeable at all.
Also I am good at sharing. I drove and drove and drove
and tooked some presents to all the homeless puppies and kitties at the shelter I used to live at. I tooked some yummies for the peoples too.
I know those peoples and puppies and kitties love me cuz I'm so good...although some of those kitties look a little mean...
I don't think you should leave any presents for those mean kitties. They're scary.

But mostly, Santa, I'm very, very good at being part of a family.
And if I could have just one wish for Christmas, please find forever homes for all the puppies and kitties alone in the shelters...even the mean, scary kitties.

Love and slurps,
Paisley Puppy

P.S. But if you have any extra bones or squeakies or cookies or toys, you can drop them off at my house.

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Jaina said...

I guess he had some extras.