What a Nice Weekend...

After being sick for nearly a month and having the energy to do nothing more than work and sleep, I was looking forward to doing a little sewing this weekend. I've been trying to get a few more purses in the ole Etsy Shop to replace the Christmas goodies. So Saturday morning (after sleeping in an extra hour!) I was all set to start the new projects. The day was shaping up to be very Spring-like and I was going to open a window and enjoy the fresh air. But then a Good Idea (in the shape of a Husband)walked up to me and said: "Let's go DO something." Well, Something turned out to be a little antiquing! OK! Windows down, checkbook open! We headed to 4 or 5 of our favorite places and weren't disappointed. Lots of new stuff. I found 2 fab chenille spreads to use for my purses, David found an LP he didn't have and at the last shop, I went crazy for some sweeeeeeet Victorian calling cards and 50's baby announcement cards. The best part was everything was so reasonable, I just can't feel guilty about how great of a time I had!!

Sunday I finally got into the sewing room. Had fun there, too! I didn't really get a lot finished. I'm in the "almost done" zone. I just like being in my sewing room. Even though it's not finished yet, it has a creative vibe in there. Not to mention lots of fun fabrics. I'll try to finish up those purses this week. I'd like them in the shop by the 14th.

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