Mama Has Some New Toys...

After a lingering death of about a year, my Dell (model # POS) finally met it's demise. Mama now has a brand new HP computer(it's already outlived and out performed the afore mentioned Dell) and a shiny new red digital camera. Good thing David was with me when I was shopping or it could have turned into a bigger fiasco. I'm so electronically stupid. But so far Mama's very happy.

TIME TO PLAY! This morning we headed north to an annual antique show.What David and I discovered (again)is that our tastes outmatch our budget.

Sooooo let's take a look at the goodies that were found.

I was pretty excited to find these 2 chenille bedspreads.Both are cutters, but just barely. And they were very reasonable. The peach/green was $17 and the white waffle pattern was only $8! They'll look wonderful in the next projects I'm planning.

Next were these sweet little die-cut angels from England. There are 2 sheets of 24 angels. I grabbed them both up for $2.50 a sheet. I'm thinking we should do something with them in this year's Christmas card. Now I just have to sell the idea of "shabby" to the rest of the family.Sorry about the camera...still evolving...

And then there were these:I must admit my heart skipped when I spotted them. I even love the box they're in. (No pics??I'm really no good at this...)It's a sweet pink with embossed flowers on it.And inside 20 beautiful deckle-edged vintage water-color styled unused note cards.*sigh*

Well after 2 tries writing this post, I think I've figured out the picture thing.Jaina, aren't you proud of me??

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